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Typism Podcast: Wes Franklin

podcast May 28, 2022

EPISODE 11: Creative Collaborations, with Wes Franklin

Wes Franklin is a lettering artist based in Bendigo in Victoria and known for his relaxed script lettering, and we got to know Wes because of his work in the last four Typism books.

Wes has a focus on mural and logo work and likes to work with small businesses, non-profits and community groups.

That’s exactly why we asked Wes on to the Typism podcast to talk about collaboration. Many lettering artists and freelancers work in isolation so it’s nice to see the effect working with others can have on our work.

"I think it's important because when you collaborate, it adds an extra level or an extra dimension to your work"—Wes Franklin

In today’s podcast episode, you will discover:

  • How to make contacts and connections
  • Why isolation has led to more opportunities for collaborations
  • How to plan a collaboration
  • Why regional areas make perfect places to collaborate
  • How to reach out to people and partner with them
  • Why you should find people with complementary skills.

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