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Latest from the blog

Typism 500K Challenge Wall

We set the challenge to recreate the Typism logo in celebration of our #typism hashtag reaching 500K uses and you did not disappoint! Jump over to the Typism 500K Challenge Wall to see some of our favourites!

Typism Book Selfie Wall

Some the artists from Typism Book 6 with their work. Click on each image to visit on Instagram.

Buy the Typism Books

Every year, we are inspired by our global community and bring together some of the world’s best hand lettering, calligraphy, and typography, in a beautiful black and white book.

We hope to inspire and motivate you to create some beautiful works of your own. The books are perfect bound and have a matte-cello cover because we know you will look at it again and again. These are not coffee table books, they are designed to be looked through every day for inspiration.


Meet the Typism Team

Dominique Falla

I founded Typism in 2013 as a way to help my students, and creatives like you build a thriving community, share inspirational work, and create a sustainable business from your love of lettering.

Kirsty Gordon

Heyya! I am Kirsty, the social guru, novice coder, content creator, and all-round Typism assistant. Whilst my lettering skills are questionable, my passion for planning and design give me the edge.

Christopher Bambury

Alongside Dominique and Kirsty, I work hard to help build the Typism community, grow the annual Typism conference and, help to produce content for the Typism brand. I have also been known to animate a logo or two.


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