Submit work for Typism Book 9

Jul 27, 2023
Typism Book 9

We have shifted the call for entries into the Typism Books to coincide with the July Typism Pro Summit. It's sure been a while, but we are excited to finally announce the call out for submissions into Typism Book 9.

This year's logo was put on hold because we made way for a special Book 8 logo at the last minute. Click here to read more about that story, but in the meantime, the very patient and gracious Terence Tang put his Typism Book logo on hold for 18 months. Well, *drumroll* here it is in all its glory.

One of our favourite things about the Typism Books is seeing the excitement from the community when your work is shortlisted and then again when you get accepted into the book. The final excitement is seeing your faces and Typism Book selfies when your physical copy shows up. For many of you, this is your first opportunity to see your work in print and we love being able to provide that opportunity for 180+ artists every year.

If that sounds super exciting and you feel like this year is your year, read on because here's how you can experience this excitement for yourself.

How to submit work for Typism Book 9

There are three phases to the submission process:
  1. pre-order the digital copy of Book 9 for $10 USD
  2. submit up to ten pieces of work before 18 August 2023
  3. receive a hard copy of the book (as well as a digital copy) if your work is accepted.
Click here to visit the Call for Entries page and get ready to submit your work to the Typism Book

Some of your FAQs answered:

FAQ 1: Does it cost money to submit my work to Book 9?

Yes, unfortunately, due to ongoing postage issues, we are now charging $10 to recover costs. Still, this $10 will also ensure you receive a digital copy of the book when it is ready in September 2023. We will also send you a free printed copy of the book if you are successful in November.

FAQ 2: Does it matter if my lettering is not in English?

No, not at all. We regularly publish work in other languages; make sure it’s not rude or offensive to anyone—we will be checking. That goes for English work as well.

FAQ 3: How is the work judged?

All distinguishing features, such as name, gender, and country, are removed from your work, and they are then shortlisted and put before a panel of judges. We select 192 final pieces for inclusion in the book, judging only the work's quality, not the artist's celebrity status.

FAQ 4: How do I submit my work?

Head to the submission page and click the orange button to pre-order the digital copy for $10 USD. We will then email you submission instructions.

FAQ 5: How many pieces can I submit?

There is a limit of ten submissions from one artist every year. Don't send everything you've ever created. We suggest curating ten of your best and most varied pieces.

FAQ 6: Does work have to be explicitly created for the book?

Whilst we love it when people create work specifically for the books (and people do), that is not a requirement. You can submit client work, personal work, or work you've created previously.

FAQ 7: Will there be a print copy this year?

Yes! We will make a printed copy available, as well as a digital copy. It will be available from the Typism Bookstore after November 2023.

FAQ 8: Will there be digital copies available of the other books?

Yes! You asked, and we listened. Books 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 are available as a digital bundle here.

FAQ 9: Can I submit colour artwork or only black and white?

We only print black and white artwork, so crisp, clean typographic vectors print best, but some tone is allowed in your submissions. You can submit photographs if they are clean and clear, and we are looking for all forms of the written word: calligraphy, typography, type design, hand-drawn type, hand-lettered type, tattoos, signage, beautiful handwriting and so on.

If you submit colour work, we will convert it to black and white, so we prefer if you convert it first to avoid any nasty surprises.

So that's is for the update; everything else will stay the same, and we know Book 9 will continue the trend and be the best Typism Book yet.

What work will you submit to the Typism Book this year?

Click here to visit the Call for Entries page and get ready to submit your work to the Typism Book.

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