Typism Podcast: Sophie Elinor

Apr 30, 2022

EPISODE 10: Develop your authentic voice with Sophie Elinor

Sophie Elinor is a graphic designer and typographer who uses letterforms to bring the written word to life. She is known for creating playful moving words with vibrant colour palettes.

The decision to focus her practice in this way has paid off and she has recently started speaking at global conferences and presenting for Adobe on the topic of animated letterforms.

That’s exactly why we asked Sophie on to the Typism podcast to talk about why it’s important to develop your authentic voice as a lettering artist.

"You've got to eventually get to a point where you branch out on your own and you pull in those weird references that are unique to you and you fold that into your work, then finally your output is something that only you could make"—Sophie Elinor

In today’s podcast episode, you will discover:

  • The ways to combine your quirks and interests into your own style
  • Why you should step into silliness
  • How to take small steps in a new direction
  • Why you should stop doing what you think is expected of you
  • How to embrace what brings you joy
  • Why you should explore what makes you you.

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