Typism Podcast: Libbi Reed

Jun 19, 2021

EPISODE 6: Express and align yourself through sketchnotes with Libbi Reed

Dr Libbi Reed recently completed her doctoral studies at Griffith University and her research examines creative self-expression and sense-making through expressive lettering techniques. The latest development in her process is to use visual note-taking, or as she likes to call them, sketchnotes, to make sense of the world around us and also the inner world.

We asked Libbi on to the Typism podcast to talk about the importance of self expression through lettering.

"Sketchnotes were the perfect tool to help me overcome my perfectionism"—Libbi Reed

In today's podcast episode, you will discover:

  • Why creative self expression is so vital for creatives
  • Why your creative projects need to resonate with you
  • How to overcome crippling perfectionism
  • Strategies for dealing with negative self-talk
  • The key to authentic self expression
  • The difference between mind maps and sketchnotes.

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