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Typism Podcast: Liane Barker

podcast Jun 24, 2022

EPISODE 12: Teaching what you know, with Liane Barker

Liane Barker is a specialist in gold leaf signage and traditional hand-painted signs. Her Brush and Pen studio is located in Queensland but she often travels the world teaching workshops.

Liane taught a workshop at the last in-person Typism conference and blew everyone away with her teaching skills which is exactly why we asked her on to the Typism podcast to talk about developing your expertise and teaching what you know.

"Learn as much you can and then develop what you've learned, pull all that together and develop your own style."—Liane Barker

In today’s podcast episode, you will discover:

  • The interplay between digital and analogue technology
  • Why teaching what you know can help engage a new audience
  • How to teach a practical skill via Zoom
  • What impact the slow movements have had on signage traditions
  • How to tell when you are ready to begin teaching
  • Why you should have your sign handpainted rather than digital.

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