Typism Podcast: Kell Sunshine

Apr 16, 2022

EPISODE 9: The value of not working with Kell Sunshine

Kell Sunshine is a lettering artist based in New Zealand and known for her gorgeous colour palettes and mural work. There's barely a town left in New Zealand without one of her gorgeous works gracing the walls.

Kell is a Typism conference alumnus, and she spoke at the conference many, many years ago when social distancing didn't impact conferences and hugging was still a thing.

One of the gifts that Kelly gave me when she spoke at the conference was a sticker that says stop being so busy. I have that stuck on my laptop and I still look at it every day. 

We asked Kell on to the Typism podcast to talk about a topic that lettering artists often struggle with, especially in this age of the internet and that's to stop wearing busyness as a badge of honour.

 "If you're constantly working, you never get time to replenish, to have ideas, to  create that space for goodness to come from."—Kell Sunshine

In today’s podcast episode, you will discover:

  • The ten-minute break ritual you can add to your daily routine
  • Why regular rest and recuperation are essential for your creativity
  • How to schedule mini-breaks into your days and weeks
  • Why you shouldn't wear busyness as a badge of honour
  • How to tell when you need a break
  • Why you should book a holiday right now.

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