Typism Podcast: Jasmine Holmes

Nov 09, 2020

EPISODE 2: Pricing your work as a lettering artist with Jasmine Holmes

Jasmine Holmes is from Melbourne Australia, but we first met her at a Typism Conference on the Gold Coast. She offered to film and interview all the Typism presenters at the Typism Workshops and she’s been part of the Typism family ever since. Talk about proactive!

Jasmine is a design superwoman, and, as you’re about to find out, incredibly outgoing and just one of those people who knows everyone and everything. She’s always been incredibly helpful to anyone and everyone who meets her and is all about sharing knowledge within the lettering community.

That’s exactly why we asked her on to the Typism podcast to talk about a topic that always trips up my design students when they first graduate: pricing!

Jasmine has also published a three part guide to pricing for the creative designer on her blog. Check out the series here.

"Knowing the value of your time is good, but knowing the value of your output is better"—Jasmine Holmes

In today’s podcast episode, you will discover:
  • Why you should develop a range of pricing strategies
  • What to charge based on your experience 
  • What value to place on your work  
  • How to decide between time and value
  • Strategies for pricing your work
  • How to separate your hourly rate from your pricing
  • The importance of setting up contract templates.

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