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Typism Book 6: Behind the Scenes 4

behind the scenes book Mar 30, 2020

Each year we feature some behind the scenes shots of the process behind some successful Typism submissions. This week we are sharing Ivana Maric.

Ivana is a designer based in Germany who believes in using lettering to showcase a projects unique story. 

Ivana started by brainstorming some ideas and doing a few rough sketches in Procreate before deciding on a direction.


Ivana then starts to work on developing her chosen idea, trying a few different ways to create the perfect monogram.

While still working in Procreate, Ivana produces a refined sketch before vectorising the final outcome.

You can see below the subtle changes made in the vectorising process. Nearly all of Ivana's handles are kept straight to create the perfect curve. 

We are truly obsessed with this flawless monogram by Ivana. You will find this artwork in the upcoming Typism Book 6.

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