Meet the Typism Typeface

Nov 01, 2019
Meet the typeface behind the Typism Community's re-design!

There are many exciting things in-store for Typism over the next year and one is our new community website and branding!
While the Typism book and conference logo will still change every year, our main community website and membership are getting their own look... enter Honey Pie!
Honey Pie is the new typeface for the Typism Community, with its bold curves and edgy feel. Continue reading to find out about font designer Aurelie Maron, and her process developing the typeface.

About Aurelie

Aurelie is an amazing graphic design and lettering artist on Australia's sunny Gold Coast. Known for her chalk typography and black and white lettering with extra flourishes, she owns and runs her studio, Aurelie Maron.
Aurelie is a Typism Alumni who has not only spoken at two Typism conferences but also designed two of the Typism book logos (books 1 and 3).

What is the inspiration surrounding the design of the typeface?

As with many other typefaces, it all started with a custom logotype I created for a client. The client approached me to draw a logotype for his fitness business without having any specific direction. I created one concept using my unique curvaceous “graffiti style” that I love to use, knowing it possibly would not make the cut. This style is similar to a cursive typeface, but without connecting the characters. It combines a feel of graffiti street art and the very popular “#crayligraphy” hand lettering style going around Instagram.
As expected, the client ended up going with a different and plain concept, but I still really loved the logotype I had drawn and therefore decided to create an entire typeface out of it. The goal was to create a typeface that could be used to design cute logos or short quotes easily. I wanted the type to be voluptuous, rounded and with a touch of sass, hence the sharpness of the shadow cuts. This is how Honey Pie was born.

What was your process when creating the typeface?

Having initially drawn a couple of letters from that logotype concept, I started by creating the remaining of the lowercases first. As usual, I drew all letters by hand first and then scanned my drawings to vectorise them in Adobe Illustrator.
Once finished, I took each individual lowercase character into Glyph even before having done any uppercase letters. I was just too excited to start playing with pairs and make words!
Eventually, I created the uppercases and then the most commonly used special characters. Uppercases were definitely more challenging but I tried to let my imagination do the work, not wanting to reference any existing typefaces.
I still think Honey Pie is not perfect, but will it ever be? Hopefully in a near future I will find the time to add some ligatures and more alternates to the typeface!

What is your favourite character and why?

My favourite character is without a doubt the ampersand! My second favourite is the lowercase e.

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