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Letters From Home: Behind the Scenes 3


We're thrilled by the response of our Letters From Home project. We have loved seeing and sharing your work, so now we want to bring you some behind the scenes of some of our favourites.

This awesome artwork is by Amanda, a graphic designer, hand-letterer, illustrator and creative force behind Portice Studio. Thanks so much Amanda for participating in our Letters From Home project and for sending through this timelapse on the iPad. So great to see the work appear to life.

"This post actually came to be out of pure frustration—I wanted to create something to post on Instagram both as a part of my daily practice and also as a way to connect to others on the platform but everything I did I hated.

The colors, the saying, the letters; everything! I was so full of frustration over being uninspired that it finally clicked—it's okay to feel that way and I bet I'm not the only one (pandemic or not, as creatives I think we all feel that way at some point or another)."

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