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Letters From Home: Behind the Scenes 2


We're thrilled by the response of our Letters From Home project. We have loved seeing and sharing your work, so now we want to bring you some behind the scenes of some of our favourites. 

This amazing work is by Eszter's Letters. Eszter is a freelancer Designer working from her home studio/quarantine creative space in Colorado. Thanks so much, Eszter for participating in our Letters From Home project.
My Letters From Home pieces didn’t take too much thinking ahead, no sketches, no brainstorming. I just went with the flow, using the opportunity to create and put whatever was on my mind into pictures. When I want to relax and turn my anxious mind off, I create something in Procreate. 
The piece you shared from me on your timeline is called “How to Have Fun at Home”. I made this one to inspire people to turn off the news, and concentrate on something that fills them with joy. I believe that our mental health is just as important as our physical, and I always try to motivate others to take care of themselves first. This is a fun little drawing. When making drawings like these I rather meditate than think about what to draw.
Because we can't get enough of Eszters work, here are a few more artworks by Eszter for our Letters From Home project!

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