Letters From Home

Apr 10, 2020

"You have the power to change the world... It is not too late. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something. Together, we can save lives, protect resources and care for each other." — The United Nations (UN)

The United Nations recently held a competition calling upon creatives to help in communicating public health messages, into work that would engage and inform people across the world.

We too, believe that as creatives we have the power to help communicate for greater impact. So we want to extend an invitation to participate in our Letters From Home mission.

If your newsfeeds are looking anything like ours you're constantly being bombarded with frightening reports and rumours surrounding Covid-19. We want to brighten your feeds up by highlighting acts of kindness, and sharing ideas for resilience and recovery. This also gives you a way to pass your newly found time at home!

With us ALL facing the a global crisis, it's important to not let the fear and self-serving instinct cloud our judgement. This is the time to show support, compassion and to build community so that we can fill the world with kindness.

So how you can help from home

We're calling upon lettering artists around the globe to create work that either:

  • Shares tips of how you're handling being at home.
  • Shares positive messages/or ideas to keep morale and spirits high.
  • Highlights the kind acts of humanity, small or big, that are happening within communities and around the world.

Artwork by David Sargent

To participate share your work on Instagram, tagging us @typism and using the hashtags #lettersfromhome #quarantypism #lockdownletters.

We will be checking every day and sharing our favourites across all our platforms.

There is no limit to how many works you share, the more the better! There's also no current deadline. As long as this crisis continues we promise to keep filling your feed with a dose of kindness and positivity!

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