Some of our Favourite Lettering Courses for Beginners

Nov 12, 2022

There are so many courses online that it can be confusing to know which ones to enrol in.

To help you decide, we've chosen a few of our favourite introductory lettering courses from around the Internet to get you started if you're a beginner.

Creative Doodling and Hand-Lettering for Beginners
Grace Frösén

Transform your sketches into playful postcards through lettering and illustration techniques

This Domestika course teaches you how to turn your thoughts into artwork. 

Join hand-lettering and doodle artist Grace Frösén in this beginner-level class and discover the secrets behind the art of doodling and transform your ideas into original postcards.

You can enrol in this course here

Introduction to Custom Lettering
Cyla Costa

Learn how to create expressive letters in your signature style by combining manual and digital techniques

This Domestika course teaches you how to create custom letters by combining manual and digital techniques.

Join lettering artist Cyla Costa in this beginner-level class and explore the energy of colours and different forms of compositional expression to help you craft and develop your signature lettering style. 

You can enrol in this course here.

Hand-Drawn Branding: Design Original Logos
Jon Contino

Discover how to strike a human connection through bold graphics that reflect a brand's style and personality

This Domestika course teaches you how to create a logo design by hand and develop a brand’s visual identity based on it.

Join Jon Contino, Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and Creative Director of CONTINO Branding Studio, in this beginner-level class and learn how to unique brand identities using hand-drawn techniques.

You can enrol in this course here.

Introduction to Brush Lettering
James Lewis

Learn how to use brush pens and lettering brushes to create letters, words, and phrases

This Domestika course teaches you how to develop custom letters and words for use in logotypes.

Join lettering artist James Lewis in this beginner-level class and review world-famous logos to understand how they’re made and develop the skillset to design the most recognised logotypes of the future. 

You can enrol in this course here.

Grafitti-inspired Lettering
Snooze One

Explore the art of modern calligraphy and create an A3 poster with your graffiti-inspired letters

This Domestika course teaches you how to combine calligraphy with graffiti.

Join lettering artist Snooze One in this beginner-level class, design a striking poster using modern calligraphy, and apply an expressive graffiti style to the words.

You can enrol in this course here.

We hope you enjoy learning from these lettering legends and remember to tag #typism on Instagram with the work that you create.

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