IWD Choose To Challenge Artwork

Jan 09, 2021

We are on the lookout again for more inspiring lettering creations to support this year's International Women's Day (IWD) 2021 Campaign Theme 'Choose To Challenge'.

Last year you might remember that Typism collaborated with IWD to celebrate women typographers worldwide. The goal was to help to raise the visibility of female lettering artists by hosting a challenge that saw over 300 female artists submit an artwork that supported the year's 2020 campaign theme 'Each For Equal'.

IMAGE: Libbi Reed, Graphic Designer & Lettering Artist | @libbireed

Because of last years success, we're collaborating with IWD again to invite women typographers to show their support to the IWD Women Creatives Mission by creating an artwork that highlights this year's new campaign theme 'Choose To Challenge'. 

Challenge Details

Female typographers worldwide — novice through to experienced — are invited to submit typography creations across three categories with the aim of showing solidarity in calling on communities to help challenge gender inequality. 

  1. Choose To Challenge /  #ChooseToChallenge creations
    These support the IWD 2021 campaign theme.
    Submissions open and invited asap. 

    IMAGE: Kirsty Gordon, Graphic Designer | @bykirstygordon
    IMAGE: Aurelie Maron, Graphic Designer & Lettering Artist | @aureliemaron
  2. International Women's Day creations
    These encourage participation in the lead up to International Women's Day.
    Submissions open and invited by Mid February 2021. 

     IMAGE: Evgeniya Antonova, Graphic Designer & Illustrator | @antonova.lettering
  3. Women's equality statement creations 
    These promote positive messaging about women's equality.
    Submissions open and invited throughout 2021.

    IMAGE: Libbi Reed, Graphic Designer & Lettering Artist | @libbireed

Submission is via sharing the creation on Instagram using hashtags #IWD2021 #ChooseToChallenge #IWDTypism and tagging @internationalwomensday_global and @typism.

A selection of impactful entries and their creators will be celebrated on the International Women's Day website and IWD and Typism social media channels. Three overall winning submissions across the Choose To Challenge and International Women's Day categories will also be featured.

You can view last year's featured creations and learn what inspired their creators, and see some of the artwork's process. For inspiration, you can also view all the submissions from 2020 using the hashtag #IWDTypism.

For more information please visit the International Women's Day mission page. 

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