Behind the Scenes of Book 9

Oct 10, 2023

Every year, we go behind the scenes and look at the process behind some of the successful Typism Book submissions.

This week, we share iPad process videos from Jesse Taylor, Daksha Giri, and Laura Ballard.

Your Mind is a Garden, Your Thoughts The Seeds
You Can Grow Flowers, or You Can Grow Weeds

Jesse Taylor | @jessetaylorcreative

This is a handcrafted Lettering Print for the Outdoor Enthusiast. Imprinted on Sustainable Wildflower Seed Paper, Crafted with Precision Using Adobe Illustrator & Procreate

Process Video

All Things Are Difficult Before They Are Easy

Daksha Giri | @dakshagiri

This artwork was originally created for her Instagram post. Daksha came across a quote on Pinterest that deeply inspired her during a particular phase in life, and she harnessed her strengths in floral design, bold lettering, and playful composition to bring this piece to life.

Process Video

Love Me More

Laura Ballard | @lauraballardart

This personal artwork draws inspiration from Sam Smith’s ‘Love Me More’ song.  In this piece, Laura combines playful flourishes with a casual, sketched calligraphic style.

Process Video

Book 9 will be shipped in early November, so make sure you preorder your copy before October 26 for just 32 USD with FREE POSTAGE
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